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-Brook Series: Trout & Panfish

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-Diamondback Glass: Dry Fly Rods

Brook Series Rods - $165 to $180

Rhododendron and alder.  Wide, emerald green tailraces.  Secluded farm ponds.  These are the places we fish, each with it's own challenges and treasures.  The Cortland Brook series has a full complement of models to fit each situation.  These rods are light and responsive, a perfect blend of style, power, and finesse. 

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Brook 663 - 6’6” 3wt 4pc. 2.5 oz.
Tiny openings. Pocket water. Here’s the perfect rod for those secret canopied creeks and guerrilla tactics!

Brook 703 – 7’ 3wt 4pc. 2.6 oz.
Here's the pick for wild and wary southern Appalachian brookies.  Delicately balanced with enough power for those cathedral holes.

Brook 804 – 8’ 4wt. 4pc. 2.6 oz (Backordered)
If you have to choose one light line fly rod you can’t go wrong with this classic configuration!  Best all-around trout rod.

Brook 864 – 8’ 6” 4wt. 4pc. 2.7oz.
Floating lines, long leaders, small dries and nymphs are this rod’s forte. Wherever the trout are rising, the 864 is right at home!

Brook 865 – 8’ 6” 5wt. 4pc. 2.8 oz.
A versatile choice for bigger water and bigger fish.  Delicate enough for dries but with power for streamers.

Brook 1004 - 10' 0" 4wt. 4pc. 4.0 oz.
A true, long, light-line fly rod.  Great for longer reach, extended mends, tight-line nymphing and wispy dry flies.

Brook 1005 - 10' 0" 5wt. 4pc. 4.2 oz.
A true all round, this 10' trout rod will do everything!  Czech, Polish, and American nymphing techniques are this rod's forte.


Big Sky Series Rods

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