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-Echo 3


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Quality Value: Less than $200

Solo Series - MSRP $119.00

An entry level rod for anglers wanting more for less.   These rods have a modern look without a bulky price tag.  The best hundred bucks you'll ever spend.

Full Manufacturer Specifications
Weights #4- #8, three piece design.  Graphite reel seat with nickel hardware.  Rod sock and tube.  Lifetime warranty.

Carbon Series - MSRP $169.99

The workhorse of the fly fishing world.  Great components on responsive blanks without expensive frills.  This is the rod to keep in the car, on the boat, beside the dock, or anywhere that you might need a good rod in a hurry.

Full Manufacturer Specifications
Weights #2- #6, four piece design.  Tough aluminum reel seet with anodized lock.  Rod sock and tube.  Lifetime warranty.

Tactical Performance: More than $200


Echo Edge & 84 Series - MSRP $230-$250

Full Manufacturer Specifications

Echo 3 Freshwater - MSRP $349.00

For the advancing angler, these rods cast like many that have a $600 price tag.  Beautifully finished in forest green pearl with a burled hardwood reel seet, they'll catch your eye as well as fish. 

Full Manufacturer Specifications
Weights #3 - #8, four piece design.  Lifetime warranty with rod sock and tube.

Echo 3 Saltwater- When it comes to the landing the big one, you need a rod that's worth it's salt.  With a deep ocean finish, it fits well on the skiff and the cruiser.  Virtually unbreakable, the casts you can make with this rod make it the ultimate long-distance "hog tamer".
Weights #6 - #12, four piece design. 


Currently, the only way to place an order is through email or by phone.  Our prices are always at least 10% below retail and additional discounts may be available on individual models or custom packages.  Contact us for specific price quotes.  We value personal conversations with customers. Shipping is usually free.