Big Rainbows, Salmon, Ptarmigan, & Spruce Grouse


We teamed up with a world-class fly fishing outfitter and added the thrill of wilderness wingshooting to create an unforgettable trip in the Katmai/Lake Iliamna region of Alaska. 


Bookings available:  August 12th - September 29th

4.5 days of fishing/hunting with 3 Fly Out days.

Cost per Angler/Hunter:  $4450.00

This location is in the middle of four of the best river systems in this region of Alaska: the Big and Little Kukalek, Moraine, and Battle.  The lodge sits right on Big Kukalek river, giving sportsmen the opportunity to unguided fly fishing any time of day. 


There are also several groups of ptarmigan who hang out around the lodge.  Spruce grouse are prevalent around the small drains, especially in the mornings.  Since most of the fishing can be accessed by jet-boat, sportsmen can combine hunting and fishing on the same day.  Birds will be pursued with the aid of a pointing lab.

One of the Richest Fisheries in the World!

In Alaska, Fall means FEEDING!  Thousands of Coho and pink salmon surge up the inland rivers to spawn.  While fishing for both of these species is rewarding, these runs are followed by large, voracious rainbow trout.  This is the best time of year to have an opportunity to catch 25-inch plus trout, with some exceeding 30 inches!  Coastal brown bears are also drawn to the buffet, so the wildlife viewing is phenomenal. 

This trip has many opportunities to just step away from the rush and enjoy the natural splendor of the Alaskan bush.  With a first-class fishery literally out the front door, you'll never have wait to go fishing.

This trip will feature 3 days of fly-out fishing in addition to the local river.  Clients may choose between fishing and ptarmigan hunting depending on the conditions.



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