Wingshooting with Wing & Fly Company: Guided Bird Hunts

The Aroma of Tradition
It's what keeps you coming back.  The crisp fall air that carries with it the scent of a renewed pastime.  A pointer locks down, it's forefoot quivering as you approach.  The seasoned lab suddenly switches directions, signaling you to click off your safety.  You notice the nicks on your walnut stock, ready to shoulder for the coming shot.  The stillness will soon be filled with the fragrance of burned powder, followed by feathers from a bird in hand.

Quality Experiences.  Many Locations.
Wing & Fly is proud to offer a variety of hunting grounds to cater to our clients.  Through our network, we can provide guided hunts within a half hour of any city in the northern piedmont. 

Individuals looking for solitude will be taken to some of our more remote farms, where the roads are grown up and the birds are wary.  Corporate groups of up to 20 people will find more enjoyment at our lodge destinations, having every amenity including luxury guest rooms.